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Chatting with Cassandra Morris of Fig and Salt

Chatting with Cassandra Morris of Fig and Salt

Fig and Salt using Dried Edible Rose Buds from Petite Ingredient




Cassandra Morris

Business name

Fig and Salt


Tell us about your story, how long have you been running your business and how did you start?

Well I have been cooking and baking most of my life and I was very fortunate to have an Italian 'Nonna' who taught me so much about savoury cooking and my Nan who was a baker so my obsession with cakes and sweets comes from her!  I learnt so much from there at a very young age and without a doubt got my love for all things food from them.  In between my full time jobs previously i was always doing cake orders on the side for friends and family and then about five years ago decided to pursue it full time. It has been such a learning process many highs and many lows but I've made a hundred mistakes along the way but i think that has made me even more resililent and given me the drive to keep going.  There is nothing more rewarding seeing what once was a hobby on the side becoming a very good reality! Sweet and Sour, Yin and Yang, This and That.. sums up me and my business perfectly. 

Your favourite cooking/baking ingredient and why it's your favourite?

Butter!! And lots of it and the good quality stuff! Mine comes in like a 15kg slab and its like Christmas when I receive it so delicious! Can use it cooking savoury and sweet and even better on a loaf of fresh sourdough with salt! 

Your favourite Petite Ingredient flower and why it your favourite?

Dried Edible Confetti because it is just so dang pretty and combines a few of my favourite dried ingredients like the Cornflowers, Calendula and Marigold all just so beautiful especially on top of my cupcakes. 

Name something you cannot live without?

Without a doubt my family and friends, they have seen me through all the highs and lows of my business. Also cannot live without a good music play list, cannot bake without the tunes pumping!

The best thing about your business?

Well sometimes i can work in my pj's ha!  But in all seriousness I love that I had a little dream and I am watching it very slowly come to life, it's been a big process of finding myself within my passion and living it all out.  I also get to bake and create beautiful customised cakes and meet before people along the way who let me be a part of such an important occasion in their life, that just makes me happy!


We'd like to say a HUGE thank-you to Cassandra of Fig and Salt for sharing her amazing insights! 

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