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Cornflower Aubergine - Petite Ingredient
Cornflower Aubergine - Petite Ingredient

Cornflower Black




Petite Ingredient Australian edible flowers are hand-picked to exacting specifications.  Add a floral burst of colour and flavour to desserts, pastry, salads and savoury dishes.

Use: Pops of colour for decorative use, pluck florets for delicate micro-application

Flavour: Subtle, grassy, neutral

Weight (Approx. Nett): 20g

Size: 30mm 

Approx Number in Punnet: 35

Peak Season: October - April 

Please keep refrigerated.

Not In Season? 

Fresh edible flowers that are out of season will display as NOT IN SEASON.  Check the Peak Season for info on when they’ll be available.