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No Yolk Eggs

By My Hippie Kitchen

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2 tablespoons plain unsweetened Coconut Yoghurt

1 apricot half (tinned, in juice)

TO SERVE 1 teaspoon apricot juice (juice from the tinned apricots)

1 small handful edible flowers (optional)

1 pinch lavender buds (optional)

Petite Ingredient edible flowers



Using 2 dessert spoons, gently quenelle 2 tablespoons of coconut yoghurt into a poached egg shape.

Place the yoghurt quenelle in the centre of the square-shaped granola toast.

Gently push the apricot half onto the top of the yoghurt quenelle.

Drizzle the toast with apricot juice

OPTIONAL: Decorate with whole Petite Ingredient edible flowers, and a few flower petals

OPTIONAL: Sprinkle the lavender buds over the egg, lavender works beautifully with apricot – and it looks like purple pepper!

Serve – have fun and use your hands for this one folks!