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Growers of the finest quality organic edible flowers and leaves for Australia and Asia's best chefs.
The fastidious nature of a chef’s craft and the dishes created requires a tailored product reflecting their individuality and one that offers new interpretations and innovation in texture, flavour and colour.
Abiding by organic practices and growing in the Yarra Valley’s red volcanic soil offers the ideal substrate for healthy plants and prolific flowering.  Petite Ingredient Edible Flowers and Leaves are selected and grown to the clients’ specifications and carefully hand picked and packed exclusively to custom order to ensure only the freshest produce.
This means perfect unblemished flowers year round, delivered to Australia and Asia’s best chefs and commercial kitchens.
Petite Ingredient was established in 2011 then expanded to a large commercial greenhouse in the Yarra Valley in 2013.  The move from field-grown to greenhouse-grown flowers enabled year-round supply of seasonal ranges.  The greenhouse acreage is the ideal nurturing and controlled environment ensuring perfect flowers year round without the vulnerability and reliance of Victoria’s tempestuous and unpredictable seasons!
Through the coldest months the flowers continue to bask in temperatures up to 30 degrees.
In summer the greenhouse cover filters the intense and scorching sun light.  A controlled and targeted underground drip watering system reduces weed competition and maintains precise watering levels.
Petite Ingredient’s greenhouse is located in Hoddles Creek, in Victoria’s famed Yarra Valley renowned for high quality food, wine and gastronomy.  The red volcanic soil’s high nitrogen content is an essential ingredient for prolific and strong plant growth.
After a 15 year high pressure career in Interior Design, in 2011 Jocelyn Cross took a step back to begin what would become Petite Ingredient.  Despite a life long penchant for floristry and deep passion for both cooking and design, growing edible flowers for Australia’s best chefs was in retrospect a surprising but obvious career transition.  The precise nature of this product suits Jocelyn’s understanding of exceptional quality standards, exacting attention to detail and good design.
Petite Ingredient is 100% Australian owned and Jocelyn is the director, the general manager, the gardener, innovator, researcher and team leader.
Petite Ingredient is dedicated to sustainable farming and organic practices, and works closely with an agronomist to ensure all plant food and pest sprays used are organically certified and food safe.
Rain water is captured from the greenhouse roofs into a purpose built lined dam. This water is then pumped back into the greenhouse via time-controlled drippers.
Petite Ingredient is committed to supporting the local Yarra Valley community and building collaborative relationships and friendships with neighbouring farms, producers and providores. All team members are Yarra Valley locals and this Petite community are a team of passionate women who are proud of their perfect blooms.