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Crystallised Flowers


1 egg white
2 cups caster sugar
Edible flowers; rose petals, viola, pansy



Whisk the egg white to a light foam. Pulse the caster sugar in a food processor to a powder.  Use a fine brush to paint the egg white on to the front and back of flowers. Ensure every surface is lightly coated, including the area between petals.
Sprinkle sugar evenly over the wet petals and place flower face down on greaseproof paper.
Leave flowers to dry for about 24 hours.  The petals harden as the egg white and sugar dry.
Store your crystallised flowers in a sealed container on grease proof paper or tissue paper (does not have to be air tight).  Store at room temperature.
Other flowers you can try:
Dianthus, cornflowers, lavender, pansies, pelargonium, primrose, violets.