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Cornflower Seed


Botanical Name: Centaurea cyanus

How to Plant: Use a free draining soil well integrated with compost or good quality potting mix when growing in pots. Sow direct into the patch, or for more careful consideration, propagate indoors or in a mini greenhouse one month before the last frost. Transplant in the patch once spring has sprung.

What to Plant In: Pots + In-ground

Food Use: A neutral flavour but striking in colour makes cornflower the most versatile decorative flower. Use whole flowers or separate the florets for a punch of vivid blue, pink or aubergine.

Flowering Season: November to April.

Spacing: 40 - 50cm apart, 3mm deep

Position: Full sun preferred but will tolerate partial shade.

When To Plant:

Zone 1: February April + October - November

Zone 2: February - May + September - November

Zone 3: March - July

Zone 4: March - July